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The Decadence of Art and History

What do we remember? We remember for some reason the good and the bad. We remember them and immortalize them on canvas, paper, copper and materials alike.  The paintings of Stalin are still readily available.  We can order books that glorify the hateful pursuits of islam and its insidious history. We can go to an art gallery and see the wasted money on preserving Leonardos drawings of a helicopter that has no use. School is pumped full of useless history remembering a past we cannot change.

Why do we waste money on this? To remember a past that has been distorted bt western beliefs. Head to Moscow and history changes as it did in Cambodia.

Probably the greatest success of our own minds is when it appears official or is peer reviewed we accept it. Why though, truly we are not that gullible.  Unfortunately we are. Art is nothing more then decadence that we are told do not touch. Useless figurines are dumped down in Vancouvers English Bay. The National Art Gallery full of paintings no one can touch. Parliament the same with statues and memorials strewn about remembering how we killed some germs. Art is ugly. How much money is wasted on a flimsy artist so he can feed himself while putting paint to canvas? How much moneynis frittered away on crap when kids starve in the street.  All art forms should be burned and forgotten. Look to the sunset, take a picture.

History is horrid anyways. We remember history through the minds of others. Does it really make you a better person if you know what Tojo did? No, besides knowing something where else can you discuss the time frame of a neanderthal? What purpose does the facts of Napoleons bed mates serve? Maybe if man or woman can remember the past to start a war it benefits no one. War strategy is done through historical knowledge of strategy.  Why remember history when in all logical arguments it serves zero purpose.

We should move toward a time when we seek a bettee future and forget the past. Those who wish to hold onto the useless history of the beothuk should ask themselves why? They were exterminated, what purpose does it serve to ask why?

History and art forms serve no purpose in building a future. Why not revise history so we don’t learn from it to oppress people.

Let’s forget the past to build a stronger tomorrow.