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2015: Conservatives is the Right Choice

Whether or not you are a Conservative; Harper has done a good job running our country. What has he done wrong? He seems to scare people with the online surveillance bill. However when you really look at the bill or the law now, you should really not assume you are under the watchful eye of “big brother.” Bill C51 is nothing more than a safety measure, as opposed to some daunting online bill that will track your every movement. Does this bill give new measures to the police and security service in Canada. Yes it does, but I am sure the average Canadian didn’t even know we had an intelligence agency let alone a new bill to give them anti-terrorism measures.

The economy has improved drastically, and if you listen to the hooblah of the Orange party and Mister Rogers then you will hear we are in a recession or if not worse. Well, if you are to listen to the economic policies of either the Liberals or NDP our country would go down the drain quickly. Why mess with a good thing?

The aboriginals have fared better with Harper. He has decided to ensure that they are being accountable, a measure most native bands do not want, and why? They are raking in more money than Harper and even a CEO makes. They are doing good in terms of the environment as they have a voice and so does the government.

Our country should be totally behind in terminating the terrorist problem. However we have far left human rights groups opposing the anti-terrorist measures the Harper government has taking. We need to send more troops to wipe them out. We need to stop showing their propaganda videos online and we need more and more Canadians to step up to the plate and stop defending them. Why do people wish to defend islam? It is a sexually orientated religion that subordinates women and willing to kill off homosexuals. These are major elements in the human rights movements that the left have fought for, and now they wish to ignore this for the sake of defending a pedophile and murderous religion like islam.

If the left are allowed to win this election, our country will go into turmoil. If the Conservatives can maintain its course which will probably happen as it did in the UK, our country will continue striving in these tumultuous times.


The Conservative Budget

The Conservatives will be unveiling their budget. The Harper team will be able to show voters why we need them. They have continually proven that each budget benefits all tax paying Canadians.

Now why do we need the Conservatives? Well for one they led us out of the Recession. Secondly they are balancing the budget.

The budget does include the necessary war in Iraq. Perhaps war hawkish, President Bush warned if the mission was to end in Iraq we would be facing an even greater enemy. We are facing an enemy who is okay with kidnapping and raping young girls. That ought not be forgotten when Trudeau wants to end this necessary mission there.

The Liberals are painting this image that the income splitting would only benfit the wealthy in Canada. The C.D. Howe Institute claims that only 15% of the top earning families would benefit from this. Yes they may be in the top 15% but they have workes equally as hard as even the bottom 15%. We are all in this together, no matter what we all contribute to this country and the budget.

Even those who are living below the poverty line who are on welfare or disability. They too benefit from the provincial budget which in turns benefit from the Federal budget. Welfare, disability and employment insurance is necessary in our society, as you can see everyone benefits from the budget.

No matter what, Trudeau and his family benefits from the tax cuts to the wealthy. His networth is 1.2 million and he has earns 450k from public speaking. 

What would be truly beneficial to everyone would be ensuring another term for the Conservatives. Now I am not at all being one sided Conservatives, but what would benefit not only your wallet but your families safety would be voting for Harper. Because to end the mission in the Islamic State would be letting these child murderers win. 

There is this photo I would like to show you. But it will need to wait for another post. Four kids were kidnapped, and then beaten by the religious police. The father came and told the police please let his son go or at least have some mercy.  His sons hands were chopped off before him. He had to watch as his son died in a merciless manner. Imagine being in this fathers shoes. Now without a doubt that father wants ISIS put out of its misery. A Conservative budget would ensure that Canada and its allies would bring justice to those kids deaths. What if it was your son?


Bizarre Floor Crossing

Eve Adams, a former Conservative Member of Parliament has crossed the floor to join the Liberal party. This gas station tantrum throwing floor crosser doesn’t really have much in common with Trudeau, as she does when she tries to defeat Joe Oliver. Her new riding selection Elington-Lawrence with political heavyweight Joe Oliver will probably be a bitter defeat for the young Miss Adams.

What would be the purpose of trying to woo Adams if she is running in a riding where she won’t defeat Adams. You would then expect that Trudeau would want her in cabinet, providing the unthinkable happens and Trudeau is elected PM. She really isn’t the most ideal or star candidate.

Her stronghold is in Oakville. Why not stay there, but many supporters there are not pleased with her anyways. She misused party funds, and parliamentary mailing privileges. Even if she did stay, there might as well be a revolt to oust her, why allow a dirty politician to stay in office. The PMO would have hopefully caught that and would not sign her papers.

Whatever Adams is thinking really isn’t going to pan out. I would guarantee you or even bet you she will lose. This really isn’t leadership for Trudeau, perhaps he was thinking this after a night out on the town.