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DNC Interesting

The Democratic National Convention was rather interesting to watch. Joe Biden was fairly interesting, then Barack Obama gave a roaring speech. I was surprised though to see two Christian members give the opening and closing introduction.

Gabby Gifford gave the Pledge of Allegiance. I was moved by Gifford’s walk on to stage, then giving the pledge led by another congresswoman. I watched the faces of the thousands of Democratic supporters moved by the hard walk onto stage. That was one of the more moving times during the DNC.

Former Congresswoman Gabby Gifford was shot in the head by a would be assassin. Jared Loughner was declared mentally incompetent to stand trial. Though she survived, she was left brain damaged and couldn’t walk properly. Her walk on stage was moving and, then when she gave the allegiance it was moving to watch the supporters crying and cheering her on. That was truly a touching moment.

Bill Clinton gave a rousing speech. However, speeches simply don’t produce jobs.

Barack Obama in my opinion lived up to giving another excellent speech. If he wins another term, he will have to live up to more promises, and so far he hasn’t lived up to his ones four years ago.

Clinton told the crowd that Obama inherited a political legacy from Bush that was as bad as Franklin Roosevelt. The debt was higher, the war was drawn out and the housing crisis was a failure. Though the housing crisis stemmed from Bill Clintons housing bill, Obama is still trying to bridge partisan ties. His bipartisan committee is being shot down by the Republicans. The Republicans don’t seem to get it, you need to raise taxes, cut spending and put more money into the sector. That old saying, you need to spend money to make money isn’t a concept to the Republicans.

All I can say from Bill Clinton to Barack Obama and Gabby Giffords to Michelle Obama the Democrats have a sound leadership behind them. If they win another term they need to control congress to fix America.

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Romney: Does He Have a Dark Side?

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Some people say that Romney is an elitist. On an episode of the Young Turks, they showed a clip of Romney talking about his pure bred horses. Romney was sent by his father at a young age to a private school. He wasn’t paying the bills at that young age. His father George Romney was a governor. George W. Bush was the son of a President. People don’t consider him an elitist. In fact people denigrate President Bush the way they do to those in the south.

It is funny, when you see Obama speaking to his audience like some Ivy league poster boy, no one in the media bats an eye. Yet, the minute Romney speaks about his time running a successful company, or his years in Harvard, it is the sin of all sins. In fact, Obama speaks of his background eloquently. Most notably how he was doing, “blow,” and smoking “reefer” with his friends. Romney as far as I am aware has drank.

The Vanity Fair article byMichael Kranish portrays Romney as an elitist, and out of touch. Of course since Obama did some blow, reefer and drank he is in touch with his audience.

I find it unfair how they attack him (Romney). The left winged MSNBC didn’t even mention a word about Obama doing drugs. However, when Bush allegedly did drugs, the media attacks him like blood starved vampires.

I won’t give an unfair perspective of this election. I won’t spin the story to favor the Republicans or the Democrats. However, the one thing I think is true, the main stream media, except for Fox News will not spin the story.

Romney came from a privileged family, I came from a good family. Does that make me an elitist? NO! Romney went to Harvard, Kennedy went to Harvard and was an elitist. But who cares, who cares what the Kennedy’s did! They screwed around on their wives, were snooty elitist, but lets make them out to be glorious saviors, and Obama the heir to Camelot.

I would prefer to see Romney be given a fair chance, not portrayed to be some elitist pig like Vanity Fair and Rachel Maddow does.

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MSNBC Tamron Hall Cuts Mic

It is rather funny to watch the various news networks in the United States. I was watching an old MSNBC clip of Tamron Hall, she is obviously a civil rights and pro-everything supporter. She was talking to two guests. MSNBC tries to do what Fox News Channel actually can do. They invite a balanced panel, however Tim Carnell, who is a writer for the Washington Examiner is the right side of the panel. Jimmy Williams is the left side of the panel. And Ms. Hall is the liberal panel host.

So from the get go you see where this is going. Ms. Hall loaded a question when she showed a clip to Carnell who had to pretty much agree with her. She showed a clip with Romney not wanting to talk about marijuana, yet the bigger issues that effect all Americans. Ms. Hall a pot head from the sounds of it herself, demanded that Carnell immediately answer the question. Just look up MSNBC Tamron Hall mic on youtube and you can see for yourself.

Ms. Hall tried to state that this is her house, and that she would give opportunity for Mr. Carnell to answer the question. However, because Carnell called her out on her stupidity, which she is for loading a stupid question, she cut him off. She flipped out and demanded that she be apologized to, and like he just called her some racist name. Then Mr. Williams came on and defended his liberal host.

You don’t see those kind of things on Fox News Channel. You don’t see the conservative Hannity, or the liberals like Shepard Smith, Alan Colmes, Greta Van Susteren or the traditionalist like O’Reilly cutting someones mic. It is MSNBC who itself once stated that want to replicate Fox News. Just look at Joe Scarborough who doesn’t care if the conservatives get bullied but does it himself.

Don’t trust MSNBC 5th ranking in cable news.

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The Obama Failures

Obama and His Failures

When Obama stepped into office, he approached the American people with an idea that his movement would somehow change America. Millions threw themselves at this freshman senator, however his era has come to an end. I will talk about some of his failures and why they are deemed failures.

The Economic Stimulus plan

He claimed that his 825 billion dollar stimulus plan would change America. His notion was that Americans would have millions of jobs made, and he would help restart the economy. This was a failure. He wanted the unemployment to go down, however it rose from 8.2 percent to 8.5 percent. This has been a record of post world war two above 8 percent. It did peak at 10.2 percent according to Labor statistics. This would supposedly create 3.5 million jobs, it ended up losing 1.5 million jobs.


This idea of a universal healthcare was bombarded by his administration to be a saving grace to the people of America. His healthcare was supposed to make insurance more affordable, it is doing quite the opposite.

Cost Of Single Employee Coverage Grew 8 Percent According To The Survey. “Family plan premiums hit $15,073 on average, while coverage for single employees grew 8 percent to $5,429, according to a survey released Tuesday by the Kaiser Family Foundation and the Health Research & Educational Trust. (KHN is an editorially-independent program of the foundation.)” (Julie Appleby, “Cost Of Employer Insurance Plans Surge In 2011,” Haiser News September 27, 2011.

He claimed that everything would just be fine, they would be able to keep the same doctor, and health care would be just fine and dandy. It is not affordable to every single American. This universal health care seemed to benefit the rich, not the poor.

Green Jobs

He promised 5 million jobs, it has promised very few. He envisioned a green economy, this just isn’t working out for Obama, and isn’t the great boosting dream he envisioned. California alone made 583 jobs according to labor statistics. That is a far cry from “5,000,000” jobs.

Home Foreclosure

He promised that middle class Americans would not lose there homes, somewhere in the some of 9 million preventable homes lost. This number was 1.1 million jobs prevented.

Deficit spending

He claimed that he would cut the budget deficit in half, his 1.33 trillion dollar idea was over by double. America has since been lowered to an AA credit rating, and still has 15.22 trillion dollars in debt. In fact he couldn’t even compromise with Congress to boost his dream.

President Obama will need to show to his Republican counterpart that he will be able to do somethign positive and quickly. However, the record doesn’t lie. If any sensible Republican was to take Obama to task, they would bring up the fact Obamacare was a failed iniative, deficit spending failed, green jobs failed, home foreclosure promises failed and so on.