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Anti-Terror Laws Benefits Everyone

It was Benjamin Franklin who once said, “those who give up their liberties and freedoms for security deserve neither.”

Canada has introduced new anti-terror laws that will allow CSIS, the RCMP and police departments more powers to collect, share and intervene in terror related intelligence. Introducing the legislation, Prime Minister Stephen Harper remarked: “Every time we talk about security, they suggest that somehow our freedoms are threatened. I think what Canadians understand is that their freedoms and security more often than not go hand in hand.”

These new laws are really no different from those that Jean Chretien introduced, and his government received the same tyrannical and apocalyptic responses from all sorts of civil liberties organizations. Bill C-51 also received a damning conspiracy theory from whistleblower Edward Snowden. He claims that we should be weary of this bill. He is wrong.

According to the facts, it will allow CSIS and the RCMP powers to prevent the conspiracy and acts of terrorism. It does have measures that prevents the organizations from abusing these powers. However, in these turbulent times we ought to focus on not only preventing terrorism, but detaining those who are in the midst or even thinking about terrorism.

It ought not be dedicated only to the dark and gloomy world of some basement. This is a war on terror. Because terrorists want to bring their battle to Canada, wouldn’t you agree that even our home soil can be a battle field. It would even make more sense to allow the military powers to expel enemy insurgents even on our home soil.

This brings us to one burning question. If we have nothing to hide, then why should we fear this bill. Unless we are a jihad in waiting, we shouldn’t fear this bill. We should welcome it. We will not give up our freedoms or our liberty for safety. We will ensure our freedoms and our liberty are safe from evil.


Islamphobia is Merely a Lie of the Left

Do you not see my friends, the left wishes to divide our country even more than the ISIS or Islamic State supporters. They wish to say hey you are gay, therefore this is your segregated community. They wish to say, hey you are a muslim, so here is your community.

What the left truly wants is communities up against each other. They want to allow those who are muslim, those who are gay, those who are this or that to segregate themselves, to feel safer.

Well, the left is merely trying to distinguish all sense in all communities. They want to tell you which community is better, safer and more sound for who you are.

They want to tell you which side to join, which side to segregate themselves.

They want to say hey, if you are this you are supposed to sit here. But, if you are this you are supposed to sit here. Bull. The reason why the left wants to divide, is that they are divided themselves. They see their side, their community as better than yours, so therefore they will serve their community better than your community.

Do not fret my friends and foes. We can be united. We can see one thing, we need to be united.

Against What you may say. Against the Islams who our invading our country. Against those who wish to present a political ideology. It is not a religion my friends, but a political ideology. All religion is selfish and oppressive, but Islam would rather stone a woman for being a woman than any sense would make of it.

Let us break down the notion of comparison. Let us expose Islamic State as an ideology, and let us not segregate, but let us expose. If we segregate, the left only wins, thus allowing those of ISIS to win.

A stronger nation standing together against our common enemy will never fall.


Against ISIS

It is rather annoying to hear people being blamed for being racist because they are against islam. Perhaps they haven’t been paying attention to the news and or even care about current affairs. Perhaps they haven’t seen the world wide reaction from the islam fanatics. There are indeed rather peaceful muslims whom have escaped terrible places like ISIS, Iran and other Islamic states. They are the ones we don’t need to worry about. The ones we need to worry about are the ones who are using the political ideology of islam. The religion of islam is not violent as we can see across our nation. Those who want to use the political ideology, the theocratic stats like Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the growing ISIS.

The states that accept the Islamic state concept. The states that use shariah law. The states where some of the most deceptive form of political ideology is being used under the notion of religion. Allen West a politician and political commentator has asserted these claims. He claims that islam is an ideology used to control every facet of peoples lives. Those who practice the religion like many across Canada who attend their mosques and peacefully practice the religion, we need not worry about. Newt Gingrich stated that we in free states do not need to worry about those who practice peacefully. We need to worry about those who are believers in the political ideology. Those who want a caliphate and to enforce shariah law.

Bryan Fischer a political writer argues that islam the political ideology is like the ebola virus. It needs to be contained. It needs to be quarantined. However, how do you quarantine such a hideous virus when those who do use the ideology hide behind the context of free speech and religion. It is vile that politicians hide behind the idea that they need to be politically correct. Though when those who use the ideology are chanting death to America or which ever free state they inhabit. Those who hide behind this deceptive ideology like to marry girls as young as 12. In some Islamic states, some have even been younger. It is a shocking but it seems pedophilia is rampant, but normal to them. This is coming from Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute.

Those who enforce shariah law are okay with mutilating girls in female circumcism. They are okay with killing off and raping a five year old daughter, a Saudi man got a small fine for doing this. They are okay with abusing women. Okay with using violence to enforce this radical idea. All this used under the idea that once martyred off they will get a bunch of virgins. How sexual is this ideology. It seems like a bunch of rabid horny men are running the show over there.

People should not be branded as a racist when protesting or disagreeing with this ideology. This ideology is okaying with gunning down 17 people in Paris. Okay with killing a couple of people in Australia, and lest we forget 9/11.

It seems that the nauseating left has been able to control the story on islam. They seem to be controlling the politically correct movement. Worst off you have a president who is too afraid to say anything wrong about islam. What we needed was a real president like President Bush. Here is a man who knows how to get the job done. EIT’s shouldn’t be a real problem. It shouldn’t be wrong to collect the right information at whatever the cost. Bush predicted had we left the region we would be facing an even more extreme state. He said this in 2006 and now we have to once again go back and face an even angrier opposition.

This opposition is now ISIS and any other Islamic state that controls their people with shariah law. It doesn’t take much intel to guess that pulling out was a big mistake, and not only a waste of lives. Obama slapped the face of every veteran and every soldier that died. He made what they did a waste of time. Because they had control in the region and were able to protect the good innocent people who have been slaughtered in the name of religion. Obama failed the innocent. The blood of those are on his hands. We failed them for wanting out.

ISIS is here now, a bizarre and deceptive state. They are funded and appear to have the resources to strike back bigger and harder. We seem to be facing an enemy that has the capability of getting so many to want to join up and get blown up from our missiles. I think if we do get in a war with them, it would be a good idea to join up. Why would any young guy want to go and kill innocent people and oppress people? What is the allure with ISIS? Why leave a free state?

More should be done to expose these people in our country. More should be done to quarantine these people. It isn’t racist to oppose shariah law. Unless you are okay with men raping a woman and getting away with it because they are men. Why oppose our freedom and our democracy. Our only sensible action is to wipe out ISIS. Why let our soldiers die in vain. Those who oppose our free nations should be exposed and deposed of.


Torture Report, “Full of Crap”

According to former US Vice-President Dick Cheney the Democrat written CIA report is, “full of crap.”

“We asked the agency to go take steps and put in place programs that were designed to catch the bastards who killed 3,000 of us on 9-11 and make sure it didn’t happen again, and that’s exactly what they did, and they deserve a lot of credit,” he said, “not the condemnation they are receiving from the Senate Democrats. ” (Wall Street Journal, Dick Cheney).

Reading the various opinions it is hard not to agree with Cheney. It depends on which side of the political spectrum that you are on. If you are a Democrat leaning lefty you would agree with the report as you eat tofu. If you are sensible you would agree with those who ran the CIA and those who know the credible facts.

This report was written by the Senate Democrat staffers according to the Senator Feinstein’s tabling of the report. When you get a bunch of young under achieving Democrat staffers in a room where Cheney is painted as the devil, you know what is up. You know you are going to get  a complete lie and smear campaign in a supposedly official report.

That report is not honest in any sense because it was based on facts that were not complete. Ex-CIA Director George Tenet reported that the interrogation techniques did the following.

• It led to the capture of senior al Qaeda operatives, thereby removing them from the battlefield.

• It led to the disruption of terrorist plots and prevented mass casualty attacks, saving American and Allied lives.

• It added enormously to what we knew about al Qaeda as an organization and therefore informed our approaches on how best to attack, thwart and degrade it.

3000 American lives were killed in a single day. It was completed by an insidious enemy that wishes to still commit terror. Why bother with the deceit from the left, all you will get are fictitious wails of violence.

Feinstein and her senate democrats should be ashamed of themselves for releasing a report that does more harm for the nation then the techniques themselves. Every single nation has its own problems, every single nation has its own history of abuses. You can’t point a finger if you are from China. Nor can Canada point a finger.

There ought to be a law that enables authorities to detain seditious people who write materials that wish to incite fiction for the purpose of discrediting the government.