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2015: Conservatives is the Right Choice

Whether or not you are a Conservative; Harper has done a good job running our country. What has he done wrong? He seems to scare people with the online surveillance bill. However when you really look at the bill or the law now, you should really not assume you are under the watchful eye of “big brother.” Bill C51 is nothing more than a safety measure, as opposed to some daunting online bill that will track your every movement. Does this bill give new measures to the police and security service in Canada. Yes it does, but I am sure the average Canadian didn’t even know we had an intelligence agency let alone a new bill to give them anti-terrorism measures.

The economy has improved drastically, and if you listen to the hooblah of the Orange party and Mister Rogers then you will hear we are in a recession or if not worse. Well, if you are to listen to the economic policies of either the Liberals or NDP our country would go down the drain quickly. Why mess with a good thing?

The aboriginals have fared better with Harper. He has decided to ensure that they are being accountable, a measure most native bands do not want, and why? They are raking in more money than Harper and even a CEO makes. They are doing good in terms of the environment as they have a voice and so does the government.

Our country should be totally behind in terminating the terrorist problem. However we have far left human rights groups opposing the anti-terrorist measures the Harper government has taking. We need to send more troops to wipe them out. We need to stop showing their propaganda videos online and we need more and more Canadians to step up to the plate and stop defending them. Why do people wish to defend islam? It is a sexually orientated religion that subordinates women and willing to kill off homosexuals. These are major elements in the human rights movements that the left have fought for, and now they wish to ignore this for the sake of defending a pedophile and murderous religion like islam.

If the left are allowed to win this election, our country will go into turmoil. If the Conservatives can maintain its course which will probably happen as it did in the UK, our country will continue striving in these tumultuous times.


Ban Immigrant Bums

Already you can hear the disturbed left whining about the header. You truly have to be disturbed to be on the left. Apparently the left fought hard for womens rights but would prefer that you keep silent on islamic subordination of women. This post is about immigrants. Not the ones folks complain about taking jobs when they actually supply jobs. They are typically Chinese or East Indian. I am speaking of the somalians who come here to stab innocent people or be welfare bums. They are akin to so called refugees or those that come to Canada to live their savage lifestyle.

The Huffington Post ran an article stating how half of refugees come here with 47000$ in savings. They normally lose half to adjust to Canada. This loss is normal. They don’t want to live and suck the teet of government.  They came for a better life because Canada has lots to offer. Though it is a nice haven for cultures that ought to be forgotten. That is another story later on, why multiculturalism has deteriorated our culture. That is again a left syndrome.

Back to bum immigrants or so called refugees. Why do we allow trash to come to this country. It first starts with allowing refugees. Refugees are simply people who don’t want to put up with a regime change. Genocide happens it is a fact of life, don’t come here expecting a free ride like somalians and other third world inhabitants Australia has the right idea turn them away. If Abbot had any sense he would have blown an ISIS refugee boat to pieces. 

How many of these refugees end up using our system like it was the lottery. All of them, name one successful or legitimate refugee. Name me one legitimate refugee, kids still live in ISIL. If you are the left you would warmly welcome terrorists into your country, why because the left has a syndrome.

Why do we allow immigrants into this country with zero money, stupidty. I voted for Harper because I thought he was going to deny bum immigrants. Frankly temporary foreign workers are bum immigrants not to mention the typical third world inhabitants.  Why not dump them into employment camps for long term use. Or better deny them entry.


Why Liberals Will Implode

Does a child deserve our attention and our protection? Does a woman not deserve to receive the same benefits as every single Canadian citizen has received? Does a man not deserve the same bright future we promise every citizen? As a Canadian citizen, I received those benefits and those after me will too. The only way if that this promise can be kept would be if we move far from liberal thought.

This perversion of conservative thought with Christian thought is no better then other conservative religious thought. Allowing the correlation religion and thought has proven time and time again it destroys soceity. Look at what Christians did when they came to Canada and sent Aboriginals to their concentration camps (I mean reserves). To be honest most natives have made this camp life worse by despair, poverty and alcoholism. Though to be fair to Aboriginals, the Christian ran educational system was a real tragedy.

The liberals seem to think that mentioning the crusades means something. That is what President Hussein Obama did. He wanted to remind North Americans let alone his primary audience, christianity has a dark history to that of islam. President Hussein has what should be called the liberal syndrome. He wants to convince irrevelant history should be represented too present day islam.

There is no logical correlation between the crusades and what is happening in the middle east. If Hussein recalls the crusades where both sides, islam and christianity. Both sides committed atrocious actions to each others prisoner’s. Both sides were fighting a religious war.

The liberals in Canada and the US want the trajectory to change and they are winning. They want this liberal control of thought. To insult islam is to be racist. Well Hussein and liberals I hate the subordination of women, the kidnapping and rape of children and the subsequent slaughter, the killing of homosexuals, and the rejection of humanity.  The liberals want us to say hey well lets all get along.

I agree with liberal ideas. I think homosexuals should marry and divorce like any other heterosexual.  I want women to be able to compete without question while earning the same respect of men. None of this mockery of womens sports or thie catering to them on jobs. They are athletes or workers, treat men and women equally. I want children to be given an education and a good stable future.

I agree with what islam says about drugs and alcohol. Frankly they should all be banned. But that is it. Kill the demand kill the supply.

So me wanting the same rights those loud mouthed liberals have been protesting to protect, why I’m I racist if I hate islam and religion itself.

If hating islam is racist then perhaps liberals should round up the different children (lets say blacks here) and chop their hands off. Lets then round up women, rape them (all of UCLA mens sports invited) beat them, wrap them in a robe and stone them if they dare complain about when we circumcise them. Better yet go and stone your sister and mom. Rape them too. What next lets all go to an elementary school and pick out our child brides.

Ultimately I think of the children. I ache when I know a child was abused. An abused child aches. But ten dead children on the news I stabs me in the heart. It hurts me more when I know a women is being raped and stoned.

Call me a softy but at least I don’t defend the pedophile religion of hate. Down with muhammad and destroy islam and its followers.

So if I am wrong here if my rather strong text is too much email me in my about page or leave comments on how hateful I am and why I should not care about your child who would be raped by an isis member and your wife being stoned because she went out in public without a man. If you can convince me of how my side is wrong then i will personally email you and send you a $10000 check. Convince me why I shouldn’t hate islam and its perverted interpretation of it by its followers and you will recieve a check.

It would take the liberal syndrome to deserve that check. That is why I think they are mentally ill and deserve to be treated as such. Because there is nothing that you can convince me that torturing and chopping the testicles of a homosexual man is right.


The Conservative Budget

The Conservatives will be unveiling their budget. The Harper team will be able to show voters why we need them. They have continually proven that each budget benefits all tax paying Canadians.

Now why do we need the Conservatives? Well for one they led us out of the Recession. Secondly they are balancing the budget.

The budget does include the necessary war in Iraq. Perhaps war hawkish, President Bush warned if the mission was to end in Iraq we would be facing an even greater enemy. We are facing an enemy who is okay with kidnapping and raping young girls. That ought not be forgotten when Trudeau wants to end this necessary mission there.

The Liberals are painting this image that the income splitting would only benfit the wealthy in Canada. The C.D. Howe Institute claims that only 15% of the top earning families would benefit from this. Yes they may be in the top 15% but they have workes equally as hard as even the bottom 15%. We are all in this together, no matter what we all contribute to this country and the budget.

Even those who are living below the poverty line who are on welfare or disability. They too benefit from the provincial budget which in turns benefit from the Federal budget. Welfare, disability and employment insurance is necessary in our society, as you can see everyone benefits from the budget.

No matter what, Trudeau and his family benefits from the tax cuts to the wealthy. His networth is 1.2 million and he has earns 450k from public speaking. 

What would be truly beneficial to everyone would be ensuring another term for the Conservatives. Now I am not at all being one sided Conservatives, but what would benefit not only your wallet but your families safety would be voting for Harper. Because to end the mission in the Islamic State would be letting these child murderers win. 

There is this photo I would like to show you. But it will need to wait for another post. Four kids were kidnapped, and then beaten by the religious police. The father came and told the police please let his son go or at least have some mercy.  His sons hands were chopped off before him. He had to watch as his son died in a merciless manner. Imagine being in this fathers shoes. Now without a doubt that father wants ISIS put out of its misery. A Conservative budget would ensure that Canada and its allies would bring justice to those kids deaths. What if it was your son?