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Islamphobia is Merely a Lie of the Left

Do you not see my friends, the left wishes to divide our country even more than the ISIS or Islamic State supporters. They wish to say hey you are gay, therefore this is your segregated community. They wish to say, hey you are a muslim, so here is your community.

What the left truly wants is communities up against each other. They want to allow those who are muslim, those who are gay, those who are this or that to segregate themselves, to feel safer.

Well, the left is merely trying to distinguish all sense in all communities. They want to tell you which community is better, safer and more sound for who you are.

They want to tell you which side to join, which side to segregate themselves.

They want to say hey, if you are this you are supposed to sit here. But, if you are this you are supposed to sit here. Bull. The reason why the left wants to divide, is that they are divided themselves. They see their side, their community as better than yours, so therefore they will serve their community better than your community.

Do not fret my friends and foes. We can be united. We can see one thing, we need to be united.

Against What you may say. Against the Islams who our invading our country. Against those who wish to present a political ideology. It is not a religion my friends, but a political ideology. All religion is selfish and oppressive, but Islam would rather stone a woman for being a woman than any sense would make of it.

Let us break down the notion of comparison. Let us expose Islamic State as an ideology, and let us not segregate, but let us expose. If we segregate, the left only wins, thus allowing those of ISIS to win.

A stronger nation standing together against our common enemy will never fall.


Against ISIS

It is rather annoying to hear people being blamed for being racist because they are against islam. Perhaps they haven’t been paying attention to the news and or even care about current affairs. Perhaps they haven’t seen the world wide reaction from the islam fanatics. There are indeed rather peaceful muslims whom have escaped terrible places like ISIS, Iran and other Islamic states. They are the ones we don’t need to worry about. The ones we need to worry about are the ones who are using the political ideology of islam. The religion of islam is not violent as we can see across our nation. Those who want to use the political ideology, the theocratic stats like Iran and Saudi Arabia, and the growing ISIS.

The states that accept the Islamic state concept. The states that use shariah law. The states where some of the most deceptive form of political ideology is being used under the notion of religion. Allen West a politician and political commentator has asserted these claims. He claims that islam is an ideology used to control every facet of peoples lives. Those who practice the religion like many across Canada who attend their mosques and peacefully practice the religion, we need not worry about. Newt Gingrich stated that we in free states do not need to worry about those who practice peacefully. We need to worry about those who are believers in the political ideology. Those who want a caliphate and to enforce shariah law.

Bryan Fischer a political writer argues that islam the political ideology is like the ebola virus. It needs to be contained. It needs to be quarantined. However, how do you quarantine such a hideous virus when those who do use the ideology hide behind the context of free speech and religion. It is vile that politicians hide behind the idea that they need to be politically correct. Though when those who use the ideology are chanting death to America or which ever free state they inhabit. Those who hide behind this deceptive ideology like to marry girls as young as 12. In some Islamic states, some have even been younger. It is a shocking but it seems pedophilia is rampant, but normal to them. This is coming from Soeren Kern of the Gatestone Institute.

Those who enforce shariah law are okay with mutilating girls in female circumcism. They are okay with killing off and raping a five year old daughter, a Saudi man got a small fine for doing this. They are okay with abusing women. Okay with using violence to enforce this radical idea. All this used under the idea that once martyred off they will get a bunch of virgins. How sexual is this ideology. It seems like a bunch of rabid horny men are running the show over there.

People should not be branded as a racist when protesting or disagreeing with this ideology. This ideology is okaying with gunning down 17 people in Paris. Okay with killing a couple of people in Australia, and lest we forget 9/11.

It seems that the nauseating left has been able to control the story on islam. They seem to be controlling the politically correct movement. Worst off you have a president who is too afraid to say anything wrong about islam. What we needed was a real president like President Bush. Here is a man who knows how to get the job done. EIT’s shouldn’t be a real problem. It shouldn’t be wrong to collect the right information at whatever the cost. Bush predicted had we left the region we would be facing an even more extreme state. He said this in 2006 and now we have to once again go back and face an even angrier opposition.

This opposition is now ISIS and any other Islamic state that controls their people with shariah law. It doesn’t take much intel to guess that pulling out was a big mistake, and not only a waste of lives. Obama slapped the face of every veteran and every soldier that died. He made what they did a waste of time. Because they had control in the region and were able to protect the good innocent people who have been slaughtered in the name of religion. Obama failed the innocent. The blood of those are on his hands. We failed them for wanting out.

ISIS is here now, a bizarre and deceptive state. They are funded and appear to have the resources to strike back bigger and harder. We seem to be facing an enemy that has the capability of getting so many to want to join up and get blown up from our missiles. I think if we do get in a war with them, it would be a good idea to join up. Why would any young guy want to go and kill innocent people and oppress people? What is the allure with ISIS? Why leave a free state?

More should be done to expose these people in our country. More should be done to quarantine these people. It isn’t racist to oppose shariah law. Unless you are okay with men raping a woman and getting away with it because they are men. Why oppose our freedom and our democracy. Our only sensible action is to wipe out ISIS. Why let our soldiers die in vain. Those who oppose our free nations should be exposed and deposed of.


Do We Want to Build Our Country on Cheap Labour?

Ahead of the LNG and various pipelines going through, a fate that seem inevitable. Another story in itself, the environmentalist are being label potential terrorists by the right. Premier Christy Clark of British Columbia has decided that she needs cheap labour to “build our country.” Instead of looking within British Columbia, for example promoting trades and degrees for this sort of work, she resorts to cheapness.

It is arguably cheaper to train a BC citizen to go through the first stage of the trades program at BCIT. Here not only are they study they are also contributing to the economy. They get to learn their trade and work. Woohoo for us. Also a red seal trades person makes a significant amount of money. However, does that significant amount of money end up overseas in remittances? Doesn’t that money get spent in BC, the taxes are paid in BC? So not only are they contributing to our economy, they most likely are a stable part of it.

If you recall we built our country on cheap labour. Where we took it upon ourselves to apologize for the cheap labour. The Toronto Star (Link Below) reported that the conservatives are leaning towards cheap labour, instead of looking at our youth demographics. What will happen to them? This cheap labour from when it was introduced started at a mere 100,000. According to the start it now sits at 338,000. Most of these “skilled” workers are not really skilled at all. They are hamburger flippers and sandwich makers. Jobs originally reserved for Canadian youth are being taken by youth from abroad. How is this helping our economy.

It is not racist when I reject the notion of allowing are economy to worsen when their wages are sent overseas in remittances. That salary for a McDonald’s mountain of skilled workers isn’t staying here my friends, a big portion is being sent abroad. Good support your family, I am not rejecting that. However, fast food jobs are for the pimply nosed teenagers who are saving for school or travel. They overspend like all teenagers do, but where is the justice when we don’t hire within our country?

“We should not think about people who come from across the world to British Columbia to work as being something less than the rest of us,” she said, after laying out her Liberal government’s priorities.  (National Post). Now are they youth, the training and already trained are they less then those coming from around the world to fill jobs that simply could be marketed to British Columbians?

She went on further and stated that the programs name should be changed. Instead call them, “potential new Candians.” Well be that as it may, it will still be the same, because she went on to say it would still be temporary and still run four years. Keeping the same logic, and then changing the name doesn’t change my opinion. The KGB had plenty of different names before we became to know this vile secret police atrocities.

Remember what we did to the Chinese, do we want to repeat the same mistake in building our country? I hope not.

Here are some of the reactions on BC Global.

“So Christy…explain to me why my son had to go to Alberta to get his welding training and now has to remain there to get his apprenticeship? Don’t you think you should concentrate more on the appropriate training and apprenticeship programs in our province? He would have loved to have stayed here but the Alberta training is above and beyond what BC has to offer.” Kristen Mc

“She needs them to clean her home when she goes on trip every month asia and to look after her son. Why pay min. wage when you can get them diry cheap.” Kerry Jones

“There aren’t enough jobs for people who live here already. How about helping out the failing medical system or upping the wages in certain provinces to go with the cost of living so there are less homeless or so many other things that need attention other then who can take our jobs for less money!” Merissa Vogan

It is shameful. I remember when Gordon Campbell and the BC Liberals were first elected, too young to vote, I still went around handing out pamphlets. It was a far better cry then the NDP at the time. He changed our economy for the better, however some of his actions were questionable. Closing hospitals and a seemingly distant relationship with the union which showed up continuously to the point of contempt. He was still berated by the media, and I still approved of his leadership. Christy Clark on the other hand doesn’t possess any of the traits as her former boss did.


The BC Teachers Union vs. BC Liberals

If you read and watch the news, you are probably familiar with the BC teachers union and the BC Liberal government. You are probably aware that Christy Clark has the teachers and their union where she wants them. Broke, struggling to look for work, to even put food on the table and perhaps willing to budge. That is a pretty shameful tactic that the Liberals have taken.

Since the BC Liberals have been in power, it seems that they have wished to dismantle public service unions, shut down mental institutions, hospitals, schools and drive in big money from natural resources. Quite frankly, we have billions of dollars potential income flowing into the province based on natural resources. And these resources will probably spell havoc for the environment. Where is this money going to go? Definitely not to rebuild on the old mental institutions. Big business tax breaks or bonuses for going the BC Liberal way?

Conspiracies aside, you need to look at the bigger picture. The teachers are getting screwed by this province, and once again it becomes a decisive issue. The teachers are part of a broke union who has been battling this province since the Liberals took over.

Once again this becomes a forgotten issue as we learn about the tragic death of O’Brien and his grandparents. Another sad and twisted tale of secrecy. I diverted that topic because most likely for many families it doesn’t matter whether the teachers are striking, up until mid-August or late August.