Provincial Politics and You

Please add your comments on how your provincial government is affecting you.

3 responses to “Provincial Politics and You

  1. To me, my government is dumb. We have had 10+ years of them. Alberta and the Stelmachs need to move on.

  2. My province British Columbia sucks

  3. the Ontario Health care system is to be watch and should be scrutinized due yo the ever changing rules of the family health team that are being newly formed and the new system in our Emergency care, my mom suffers of what is signs and symptoms of tendinitis on her left tendon of achilles but presenting symptoms is edema and pain that is agonizing and has evidence of fluid accumulation as manifested by wavy and sac like formation on that particular area. my mom went for consultation on the 2nd week of its unbearable painful state.. with my insistence, i ask for blood test for my mom as well as xray or ultrasound or mRI. the family physician refuse to do blood test because mh mom had her annual regular test a month or so ago wherein is was deemed normal. i wNted to explore a test that is recent that there might be an increase of ESR, WBC, Uric Acid, Antinuclear antibody. The makn reason is to cover the whole picture so as what is necessary before things get worse. My mother is only 58 yrs old to experience this discomfort for three weeks without proper pain medication and aspiration of the said fluid on the sac of drain that is evident is also significant but as the family physician says this is normal as per her physical assesment without backing of test and examinations. she even refuse to give my mom medication until i really insist to her that pain is unbearable she will benefit to have something but as usual she ordered a mild pain medication. i.e. advil, athrotec eventually on a severely rated pain situation. she could have started an anti inflammatory i.e. voltaren or tramadol or even steroids i.e. a week dose tapered of prednisone. she refuse go refer my mom to the Ortho/ Rheumatology because she said her judgement is my mom is already becoming a chronic case… it became Chronic because she did not treat it while it was still an acute stage. my mom never felt this problem before… even the ER doc also said its already chronic, i said the inflammation but there are present symptoms like radiating pain up go her upper extremities. My mom is a very workaholic person she raise the four of us alone and her siblings and parents at a younger year. this is the second time i got scared with her health four yrs ago her family physician refused to refer her to ObGyn even if she is suffering of profuse bleeding for almost 3 months, she got so pale and almost lifeless at all wherein her hgb drop to almost 70. her family physician send her to ultrasound twice in 3 months without even co sidering that bleeding is occuring profusely. to get appointment of U/s takes few weeks and sometimes a month. I wonder why ER waiting time is still unacceptable state because the first line of defense refuse to recognize different angles of illness. They refuse to be responsible of the health of their clients by not being proactive on their action. A patient suffering of pain without pain meds for 3 weeks is unacceptable. a diagnosis not supported with facts but merely on the MD’s hypothesis is unacceptable. no wonder patients are already too sick when they are admitted in the hospital, no wonder families are stressed out because of unattended ill relative by the very first line of health care. When i advocated for my mom at one of community hospital ER MD diagnosed me of having anxiety because i try to question why my mom was not refered at least to the out patient ortho or rheumatologist which is available in the hospital. it only happens with a minute or two of encounter but the doctor had a better diagnosis for me than to my moms condition. she tried go reassured my mom as if it was a psychiatric case that she will fine. Only acute/ Emergency cases are referred to specialist, chronic cases the familh physician has tthe autorithy to play demi Gods and will wait if pt will heal on its own… thats not acceptable this is a con for public health wherein a patient has no right to seek furgher treatment and second opinion… shame to the system where Canadians are so proud of that they have compared to Americans but slowly i think nothing is really to be proud of.

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