Slow News for National News

National newspapers usually contain sensible commentary and national news that affects everyone. Suspended Senator Mike Duffy who will steal Conservative lime light is national news. The sadist Ghomeshi is interesting. The fact Trudeau and Muclair want to restore the failed coalition idea should be read by all.

News like the fellow who was assaulted and is now in a coma, how is that national news. If he was black or some other color then it wouldn’t be reported.  The RCMP don’t even know if he was defending a child who happened to be black from racial slurs. What both sides need is thick skin.

Or the chainsaw weilding man. This should be a reminder of how bad a parent that woman was with her two kids. She was cut off by the guy and followed him. She followed him to a dead end and blocked his entrance. Despite the antics of the man who had a chainsaw, the mother had two kids. She carelessly put them in danger. She allowed more antics from the man while ignoring the safety of her offspring. The man was arrested not the woman who allowed the potential harm of her kids. All the guy needs is to do is relax, her a wrench for her loose screws.

Finally the doctor who was stabbed to death in his Bahamas home. Talk about bad tourism for the Bahamas. People die all the time.  Murdered or naturally, yawn.

Do these stories really need national attention? Two guys got in a fight, big whoop. A mother endangered her kids, next.  Or a guy killed, yawn.

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